The Business Office Technology (BOT) department offers an associate of applied science degree program in Information Processing Specialist.  Upon completion graduates will be qualified to work in business, education, office administration, and data entry. Personnel in these fields continue to be in high demand as technology advances. State-of-the-art equipment and current software programs combined with a professional curriculum and educational environment to provide the skills, attitudes, and knowledge essential for effective office and technical support and administration.

In Fall 2016 the BOT department will become the Computer Information Specialist (CIS) department. Two programs, Information Processing Specialist (IPS) and Computer Information Technology (CIT), will be part of this department. The CIT program is being developed and awaitng approval.


Information Processing Specialist - (27 CORE Credits Required)

  • BOT 152 3cr. Keyboarding II
  • BOT 219 3cr. Records Management
  • BOT 257 3cr. Database Management
  • CIS 102 3 cr. Computer Software Applications-Word
  • CIS 105 3cr. Spreadsheet Applications
  • CIS 130 3 cr. Presentations
  • CIS 180 3 cr. Creating Web Pages I
  • CIS 202 3 cr. Advanced Software Applications
  • CIS 210  3 cr. Desktop Publishing
  • Electives (6 Credits Required)
  • General Education Courses (29 Credits Required)