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Early Childhood Education

The Early Childhood Education AAS program curriculum provides students with the skills, techniques, and competencies instrumental in the development of healthy and happy children. It begins with courses in the social sciences and communications, psychology, and child development. These subjects are designed to give you a solid foundation on which to develop your career in early childhood education.

The next phase is instruction in curriculum development for infants, toddlers and preschoolers; guidance procedures; selecting and using children’s literature; literacy development; creative expression and play; health and nutrition; home and school relations; exceptional children; movement and music; cultural diversity; and much more. Your carefully selected texts are filled with photos and illustrations that help each subject come alive. Real-world case studies and examples are designed to show you practical applications of key concepts.

After graduation, students will have an important credential: your college diploma. It will serve as an enduring symbol of your hard work, specialized skills, and dedication to helping children learn. Upon completion, the graduate of the early childhood education program may seek employment as Head Start and preschool teachers, work in childcare centers and home-based programs or as a paraprofessional in an elementary school setting. The degree is also designed to transfer to a university bachelor degree program.

Students considering the field of early childhood education must pass a background check that is completed upon registration for the program. Any student choosing this vocation must be free from certain criminal convictions in order to be eligible for employment upon graduation.

The faculty in the early childhood education program have degrees in the field of education or child development and a wealth of classroom/center experience. The faculty are all certified in vocational education by the State of North Dakota


Early Childhood Education - (32 CORE Credits Required)

  • ECE 210 3cr. Foundations of Early Childhood
  • ECE 212 3cr. Observation and Assessment of Young Children
  • ECE 213 3cr. Early Language & Literacy Development
  • ECE 220 3cr. Infant & Toddler Curriculum
  • ECE 222 3cr. Admin & Supervision of EC Programs
  • ECE 233 3cr. Curriculum Dev. & Implementation II
  • ECE 236 3cr. Guidance Technique for Early Childhood
  • ECE 252 2cr. Field Experience II
  • EDU 205 3cr. Intro to Exceptional Education
  • EDU 290 3cr. Multicultural Education
  • ENG 238 3cr. Children’s Literature

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