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Elementary Education

The Elementary Education AAS program curriculum prepares students to enter a profession with a demand at an all-time high. Skilled and competent paraprofessionals are needed now more than ever in the schools, especially with the mandates of the No Child Left Behind Act. This act requires that all paraprofessionals (teacher’s aids) hold a minimum of a two-year degree in education in order to meet employer requirements. Upon completion, the graduate can expect employment as a paraprofessional in a tribal, public or private school setting. Most all of the courses contain a field experience component. This allows the student to gain first- hand knowledge of the best practices in education from experienced teachers in actual classrooms. The degree is designed to transfer to a university bachelor degree program for those students who wish to continue their education. Transfer degree options include elementary education teachers, special education teachers, school counselors, physical education teachers, coaching, as well as a number of other areas.

Students considering the field of education must pass a background check that is completed upon registration for the program. Any students choosing this program must be free from certain criminal convictions in order to be eligible for employment upon graduation.

The faculty in the elementary education program have graduate degrees in the field of education, a wealth of classroom experience, and teacher licensure for the state of North Dakota. They have a number of credentials as well; bilingual education, online teaching and learning, reading, and are vocational education certified by the State of North Dakota.


Elementary Education - (28 CORE Credits Required)

  • EDU 200 2cr. Classroom Management
  • EDU 205 3cr. Intro to Exceptional Education
  • EDU 232 3cr. Fund. Elements of Reading Instruction
  • EDU 250 3cr. Introduction to Education
  • EDU 288 3cr. Technology in Education
  • EDU 290 3cr. Multicultural Education
  • EDU 298 2cr. Field Experience for Elementary School
  • ENG 238 3cr. Children’s Literature
  • MTH 277 3cr. Math for Elementary Teachers
  • PSY 230 3cr. Educational Psychology

Teacher Education

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