Tribal college’s with Land Grant designation and receive endowment funds may apply for Tribal College Research Grant Program (TCRGP) awards. These grants are designed to assist 1994 Land-Grant Institutions (Tribal Colleges) in building institutional research capacity through applied projects that address student educational needs and solve community, reservation, or regional problems. Research must focus on the USDA/NIFA disciplines of the food, community, or agricultural sciences. Collaboration with 1862 or 1890 Land Grant Institutions or a USDA Agriculture or Human Nutrition Research Center is required. In addition, TCRGP grants must emphasis student learning in science. Awards are granted through a competitive review process.

UTTC Land Grant Program planting squash

TCRGP’s offer four types of funding. (1.) New Discovery: sophisticated scientific inquiry that could be published in a peer-reviewed journal. (2.) Capacity Building: response to a concern in the local community. (3.) Student Inquiry: research projects built and reported on by students enrolled at TCUs and mentored by their faculty. (4.) Faculty Support: to study optimal ways to teach Native American students in science fields relating to food systems, health, conservation and agriculture.

The 1994 Land-Grant Colleges and Universities are young and are often located in remote places, but they may serve as the primary place where scientific questions are asked, people with research experience are employed, and an Internal Review Board is available. TCRGP grant awards allow the 1994’s to address specific questions that matter in their community; such as protecting forests and rangelands, gathering data, building healthy herds or flocks, studying impacts of Lifeskills education, monitoring water quality, or analyzing native plants for nutritional content.