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Ground Breaking Ceremony - United Tribes Technology Building - Nathan Dunn

Remarks of
Nathan Dunn
Student Senate President
Ground Breaking Ceremony
September 8, 2009, United Tribes Technical College New Campus

I would like to welcome and thank everybody for being here today at the groundbreaking ceremony for the United Tribes Science and Technology Center.

My name is Nathan Dunn; I am the Student Senate President. I am a Paiute from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe from Nixon, Nevada.

Nathan Dunn
Nathan Dunn, Student Senate President

I received my education attending tribal schools located on my reservation. I am currently in my second year in the United Tribes Community Health Program; I also take courses in Tribal Management.

My purpose for attending United Tribes is to gain more knowledge and experience through my studies here and return to assist my tribe.

I am excited to be here to learn about other cultures and ethnic groups and to network with other students and alumni. I have already made some great relationships through my education here and look forward to making more.

Forty years ago the first students arrived on the United Tribes Employment Training Center (UTETC) campus. Some came alone and were ready to receive their education so they could start a new career. Others brought along their families, to make the most of a positive change in their lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

Group Photo
At the United Tribes groundbreaking on September 8, from left: David M. Gipp, United Tribes Technical College president; Lisa Stump, United Tribes student; Robert O. Kelley, University of North Dakota president; Dennis Hulsing, Ritterbush-Ellig-Hulsing Architects; Nathan Dunn, United Tribes Student Senate president; Larry Skogen, Bismarck State College president; Kelvin Hullet, Bismarck/Mandan Chamber executive director; Mike Seminary, Bismarck City commissioner; and John Hoeven, North Dakota governor. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann.

Today is another new and special moment in the history of United Tribes. With the development of a new Science and Technology Center, we are making it possible for more students to gain knowledge through their college experience and excel in the future. With the expansion of the campus and addition of new facilities, United Tribes will be adding more educational opportunities to the positive learning environment that is already here for individuals and families.

Congratulations United Tribes. Today we are making history!

Thank You.