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New beginnings for UTTC food service operations
By Russell Swagger, Ph.D., Vice President Student and Campus Services
3 January 2011

After a food service career in the private and public sector, Curt Wellington now heads food service operations at United Tribes. He is a member of the Hualapai Tribe. “I feel like I found my place, among my people. I plan to be here a long time,” he said. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes starts the new year with the benefit of new leadership and new facilities at the college’s cafeteria.

      The college has added an experienced leader to the Student and Campus Services team in Curt Wellington, head of food service operations.

      Curt is a member of the Hualapai Tribe of Peach Springs, Arizona. He brings with him a wealth of food service industry experience. He graduated from the Bismarck State College Hospitality Management program, where he studied under the late Mandan Mayor Ken Lamont.

      He has 24 years of food and beverage industry experience. He’s been involved with and managed successful food service and hospitality venues, including the State Capitol cafeteria in Bismarck, Grizzlies restaurants, and Breezy Point Resort in Minnesota.

      For a short time prior to this new assignment, he worked as a UTTC security officer. Some of you old-timers may recall that Curt’s mother, Cynthia Mascarenas, worked for UTTC in the ITAC office. His uncle, Rick Mascarenas, maintained the education building for many years. Curt is married to Tonya, his wife of five years, and they have two wonderful children (a son and daughter).

Before dawn, early risers head for the inviting light of the college’s newly renovated cafeteria for a warm breakfast before school. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann

      Curt’s positive attitude and technical skill and knowledge are important assets in his new role. He has concrete ideas for how to achieve UTTC’s vision of providing quality service and healthy, nutritious meals to our campus community. Under his leadership you will see positive changes in our food service operations as we begin to make full use of our expanded and renovated cafeteria. We’re very glad to have Curt aboard.

      For those who’ve suffered through the cafeteria work, there’s a new and more comfortable time ahead. Just a little over $1 million in construction and renovation funding brings us a bright, spacious, new food service facility. The completed project expands the cafeteria to over ten-thousand square feet of space to serve the needs of our growing campus population. No more elbow-to-elbow eating during our campus-wide special events. At least not for the foreseeable future.

      The cafeteria staff shares in the successful transition to the new facility, working long hours with difficult challenges. They were joined by Kathy Johnson, Veronica Weigel, LuAnn Perkins and Curt Maynard, who assisted through the construction period. Members of the college’s Cafeteria Committee provided support and feedback that was invaluable in helping to improve our services.

      Because of this successful work together, we are all better prepared to recognize the opportunities and take on the challenges that await us during Spring semester. Thank you to everyone for maintaining the positive attitude it takes for meaningful progress.


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