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Native Science Resource Available
By Dr. Cheryl Long Feather, United Tribes Research Director
10 January 2008

      The United Tribes Office of Research is making available another resource for UTTC staff, faculty and students. Now available for check-out is a DVD of the "First Scientists" series. Produced, written and directed by Mark Sandiford for Exploration Production, Inc. in Canada, the series presents living examples of knowledge rooted in thousands of years of tradition on this continent.

      The fascinating and professionally-produced series describes traditional Native knowledge and its parallel to western science. The message throughout is firmly rooted in the real world in the belief that Native science typically called Traditional Knowledge has been honed through hypothesis-testing, trial and error. In many ways, however, Native Science it also fundamentally different, focusing on relationships rather than objects, how rather than why, the heart rather than the mind, observation rather than explanation, and prescription rather than description. "First Scientists" shows how western science is now catching up to these ideas in areas like ecology, systems theory and artificial intelligence. It shows the efforts of scientists from both traditions working together toward a more complete understanding of our world.

      The DVD series is also available with supplemental classroom activities. The activities including short quizzes, discussion or essay questions, additional activities and key terms were developed specifically for United Tribes Technical College use. There are five episodes in the series. Each is approximately 10 minutes in length. The topics include living knowledge, marine engineering, architecture, agriculture and sustainable fishery, wildcrafting, forestry management, traditional medicine and the integration of Native and Western Science concepts in real-life projects.

      For more information about the series or to preview, please contact Cheryl Long Feather, Research Director, at (701) 255-3285, Ext. 1491.


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