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Inspiring musician kicks off Wellness Week
11 January 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) A Grammy nominated musician, who inspires audiences with the story of how he escaped diabetes and launched a successful career in the entertainment industry, will kick off United Tribes Wellness Week with appearances Monday, January 14 at college.

      Pop/rock musician Darren Geffre, a member of the Blackfeet Tribe, will describe how he transformed his life by losing weight and making a total commitment to health and fitness.

      His talks are scheduled for 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the multi-purpose room of the Lewis Goodhouse Wellness Center. A musical performance is scheduled for 7 p.m. All events are open to the public without charge.

      Born and raised in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Geffre began writing music and playing in bands in his teens. In his mid-20s he was a border-line diabetic, consuming a six-pack of Mountain Dew a day and eating fast foods.

      His musical career flourished when he trimmed over 100 pounds from his former 305 pound body. His story has been featured in Men's Health Magazine. His energized career resulted in nominations from the Native American Music Awards Association and a 2004 Grammy nomination for his album "Uncivilized," in the categories "Best New Artist" and "Album of the Year."

      Geffre has described his story on Pacifica Radio, NPR, National Native News, American Indian Cable Network, Comcast and XM Satellite Radio. He has also been featured in Native Peoples Magazine, and has appeared on Aboriginal People's Television Network, TNT's "Into the West" and ABC Family's "Wildfire" pilot in 2005.

      Geffre's visit to United Tribes is made possible by the UTTC Strengthening Lifestyles Program, UTTC Land Grant programs, and the UTTC Chemical Health Program.

      Other activities of UTTC Wellness Week are listed on the schedule below. For more information contact Scott Davis 701-255-3285 x 1454, or sdavis@uttc.edu.


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