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Enrollment open for new literacy program
18 January 2008

BISMARCK (UTN) Theodore Jamerson Elementary School is accepting enrollments for a new literacy program for parents and children. FACE (Family and Child Education) is dedicated to family literacy and life-long-learning. The program offers home-based services to Native American families with children up to age 3 and center-based services to families with children age 3 - 5.

      The program is made possible by a $250,000 grant from the BIA's Bureau of Indian Education.

FACE program staff members
FACE program staff members, front row from left, Melanie Redwater, Alvonne Iron Thunder, and Crystal Horse Looking; back, Cyndee McLeod and Annette Munoz-Beyer.

      The FACE philosophy centers on the belief that parents will be their child's best educator. The program currently operates in 10 states at 39 different locations.

      TJES has assembled a five-person staff to operate the program, which offers the outreach functions of the former "Baby Face Program" that provided services for five years.

      FACE Parent Educators are Cyndee McLeod and Alvonne Iron Thunder; Adult Educator is Annette Munoz-Beyer; and Early Childhood Educators are Melanie Redwater and Crystal Horse Looking. FACE administrator is Sam Azure, TJES Principal.

      Home-based services include parent education, home visits from a trained parent educator, and group parenting meetings. Parent educators provide information about child development while sharing toys and activities that enhance a child's development. They also offer early screenings and serve as a link to community services.

      The four components of the center-based program are adult education, early childhood education, parent time, and parent-child interactive time. Children and parents can come to school together at the new FACE center located in Building 36 on the southeast loop of All Nations Circle on the United Tribes Technical College campus. Center-based services will offer an early childhood education classroom with culture enrichment, active learning, and a literacy-focused curriculum. The Adult Education classroom will offer GED preparation, college-prep, parenting skills and job skills training. Both classrooms come together for meals and interactive family time.

      For more information or to enroll call 255-3285, extensions 1541, 1542, or 1543. Each child will receive a book from Imagination Library for each month she/he is enrolled in the program.


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