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Spring Semester underway, enrollment up... again!
19 January 2005

Rooks family
From Pine Ridge, SD to Bismarck for a fresh start in the New Year - Jesse, left, and Alice Rooks attend UTTC's Vocational Services Fair during student orientation January 4. Their son Michael, nicknamed "Squash," captured everyone's attention.

UTN - Of course, the final figures aren't in, but enrollment at United Tribes Technical College continues upward, perhaps setting another record. A January 15 report puts Spring Semester 2005 enrollment at 490.

      "We're still taking in students," said Kathy Johnson, UTTC Enrollment Services Director. "Our branch campus students haven't been counted. So, it'll probably exceed last fall."

      Fall 2004 enrollment set the record for a single semester with 525 students.

      The official end to spring registration is January 28, the deadline for adding classes.

      Annual enrollment, the number of students during the three semesters of an entire year, is tabulated at the end of the school year. That number too is likely to be a record, said Johnson.


UTN photos by Dennis J. Neumann

Student Senate President Steven P. Walker
Student Senate President Steven P. Walker led the student ambassadors, clad in red shirts, during orientation.

Students with handcuffs

It took a pair of handcuffs for two students from Standing Rock to get acquainted. Stony End Of Horn and Kelly Hurley didn't know each other from home before spending the better part of a day attached to one another. The two were linked as one of the icebreakers during student orientation day January 4.

How quickly can you repeat three times the words "Chubby Bunny?" Now try it with a mouth full of marshmallows. Christy Yellow Boy gave it a try. Student ambassador Lynette Uses Arrow, at left, and Melissa Jewett, right.

Naturally smiley
"Naturally smiley" would describe the new crop of students who attended student orientation January 4 in the lower level of the Jack Barden Center. When asked whether they thought they'd return home after graduating or go where the jobs are, most chose the latter.


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