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Fresh start for campus IT committee
19 January 2005

UTN - A committee that oversees campus information technology (IT) is receiving new attention at United Tribes Technical College.

Russell Swagger, Dean of Student and Campus Services
Russell Swagger heads up the UTTC Information Technology Committee

      Russell Swagger, Dean of Student and Campus Services, will head up a revitalized UTTC Information Technology Committee. The committee is intended to be a forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and policies for the campus information technology.

      "The IT committee structure has been revised somewhat," said Swagger. "Some members are new."

      The following persons are on the committee: Russell Swagger, Chair; Marla Trail, IT Staff; Jessica Simpson, IT/On-Line Staff; David Taylor, On-Line Staff; Mark Anderson, TJES Staff; Brian DeCoteau, IT Staff; Curtis Maynard, IT Staff, Secretary; Jay Wheeler, Computer Support Staff; Jeff McDowell, Computer Support Staff; and Dean Schmitz, Electrician.

      Individuals representing the faculty, students and the finance department have yet to be selected.

      Among the first things the committee will work on is a strategic plan, including statements about its mission, vision and values, for accomplishing institutional goals and objectives, said Swagger.


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