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Sun Dogs at United Tribes

January 22, 2014


BISMARCK (UTN) - Recent weather brought about “Sun Dogs” that were easy to recognize in the sky at United Tribes Technical College, captured in images here by UTTC staff members Monte Schaff and Jeremy Guinn.
Readily available are numerous explanations of the scientific phenomena known as perihelia.
But, what about other explanations? How did First People think of this beautiful winter scene?
At this link is a post by UTTC Instructor Dakota Goodhouse, The First Scout, that brings a  cultural point of view:

2014-01-22 Sun Dogs-MS-01.JPG
2014-01-22 photo by Monte Schaff; UTTC Science Building at right.

2014-01-22 Sun Dogs-JG.JPG
2014-01-22 photo on UTTC campus by Jeremy Guinn

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