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UTTC 40th Anniversary Fundraising
26 January 2009

BISMARCK (UTN) - In 2009, United Tribes will mark the collegeís 40th anniversary with events and projects. A campus committee is organizing these to recognize our progress as an institution of learning, unity, culture, and friendship. To do it well, we need your help with some additional resources. We urge you to join this good effort and help the UTTC 40th Anniversary.

      Employees may donate through payroll deduction.

      If 75% of all UTTC employees contribute $4 to this fund every pay period, we would provide over $20,000 for events and activities in 2009.

      Itís never too late to help!

      Please make a pledge. We can help make all 40th Anniversary events and projects a success. To make a pledge, contact Brad or Scott at (701) 255-3285 x 1387 or 1291.

40th Anniversary Fundraising Committee: Sam Azure, Sheri Baker, Scott Davis, Brad Hawk



THANK YOU!! - What a Great Start!

The United Tribes 40th Anniversary Fundraising Committee wishes that thank the following people for their financial contributions that will help make the 2009 celebration successful.

Pat Aune
Julie Stock-Porter
Bryan Christensen
David Raymo
Glenna Mueller
Kathy Aller
Scott Davis
Brad Hawk