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Updates from the Registrar
26 January 2009

Important dates to Remember:

  • March 2-6 – Midterm Exams Week
  • March 9-13 – Spring Break
  • March 20 – Last Day to Drop a Class (Current students: if you wish to drop a class or two, please see your advisor; if you wish to drop completely from college, please see your counselor).
Congratulations to students on the Fall 2008 President’s & Vice-President’s Lists (click here for complete listing)
  • Transcripts: A friendly reminder to any student wishing to request a copy of their transcript; you must pay a $2 fee at the Finance office first, then bring a copy of that receipt to our office and fill out the transcript request form. Transcripts will be processed on Friday’s only.
  • FERPA: Students are given the opportunity to restrict Directory Information each year. If a student restricts the release of Directory Information they may come and fill out a FERPA form with Admissions or Registrar’s office. For more information, see the following ‘Student Handbook’, ‘University Catalog’ or the Office of the Registrar.
  • Release of Information: If a student wishes to have any kind of grades, class schedule, etc. release to anyone/agency/company; they can come to the Registrar’s office to fill out a ‘Release of Information’ form.
  • Address Info: If you have a new mailing/phone/email address, please let our office know so that we can change it in our computer just to assure that we can mail your grades or contact you in a timely fashion.
  • Questions/Concerns: If you should have any questions, please stop by our office in Building 5, or call us at ext. 1216, 1205 or 1269. Have a great rest of the semester & Good Luck!


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