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Baxter to serve on national advisory task force
28 January 2005

      The American Health Information Management Association's President, Ms. Mervat Abdelhak, recently invited Karla Baxter to serve on the Component State Association (CSA) Advisory Task Force for the January 1 to December 31, 2005 term. Karla is the UTTC Health Information Technology program chair, instructor, and vocational advisor. She is also the outgoing President of the North Dakota Health Information Management Association.

      The 2005 charge of the CSA Advisory Task Force is tentatively drafted to be: strengthen the federation model, ensure succession of volunteer leadership, and implement CSA Profiles.

      Baxter says she has found involvement in the volunteer leadership of AHIMA a very rewarding experience. The value of networking, sharing experiences, making a difference and giving back to the profession and community is worthwhile. She hopes her contributions will help the CSA Advisory Task Force to accomplish its charges for 2005.