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Culture brings direction during orientation
28 January 2010

VISIONS OF THE FUTURE: Sheena St. Claire (Turtle Mountain), a new student in the United Tribes Automotive Technology program, appraised her own skill in creating her first-ever dream catcher. The exercise was part of student orientation during the opening week of the college’s spring term in early January. Making this dream catcher is used as an exercise to help bring direction to their pathway in higher education. Working with sinew and rawhide, students are asked to focus on the goals they wish to achieve and symbolically weave them into their creation. Each is encouraged to keep it close and wear it at the time of their graduation. Also at work are Hunter Vicenti (Cheyenne) Small Business Management and Chantell Buckles (Fort Peck Sioux) Nursing. The exercise was supervised by wellness staff members Julie Cain and Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua, and is an example of integrating culture into the orientation process of the college experience.

United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann