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Contributors 2009
28 January 2010

United Tribes Technical College is pleased to recognize the individuals and organizations that made contributions to the college’s fund raising efforts in calendar year 2009. Thank you for your generosity in helping our students and their families.
– Office of Institutional Advancement staff, Suzan O’Connell, Development Director

Dr. David M. Gipp Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established to raise funds for students who excel academically. These contributors supported the fund:

Vonnie Alberts
Pat Aune
Randy and Susan Axvig
Phil Baird
Sheri Baker
Travis Bean
Chuck Bisnet
Shirley Bordeaux
Carrol Burchinal
Don and Julie Cain
Tom Disselhorst
Greg and Jackie Dockter
Bill Ellig
Dennis Hulsing
Dr. Leigh Jeanotte
Lady J's Catering
Helen Lindgren
Michael Lipsky
Debbie Painte
Joanie Ramey-Neumann
Rough Rider Industries
Harriett Skye
Three Affiliated Tribes
Dennis Trusty
Vaahler Insurance

United Tribes Employees
Employees have contributed generously through payroll deduction to increase the size of the Opportunities in the Making Scholarship Fund. These funds have been used to provide scholarships to students with a financial need.

Pat Aune
Sam Azure
Phillip Baird
 Karla Nordyke
Katina Decoteau
Thomas Disselhorst
David M. Gipp
Brad Hawk
Tiffany Hodge
Brenda Jechort
Kathy Johnson
Jefferey McDowell
Glenna Mueller
Dennis Neumann
Evelyn Orth
David Raymo
Barbara Schmitt
Harriett Skye
Leah Woodke

Opportunities in the Making Scholarship Campaign
United Tribes is grateful for the contributions of individuals, businesses and organizations that have given generosity to provide scholarships to students with a financial need.

Wesley Aardahl
Charles Becherer
Best Western Doublewood Inn
Bismarck Party and Paper, Inc.
BNI Coal, Ltd.
Border States Electric
Capital City Construction
Comfort Inn and Comfort Suites
Barry and Cathleen Disselhorst
Gregory and Jacqueline Dockter
ETS Systems
Fireside Office Plus
Carla Fredericks
Richard Glaser
Industrial Contractors
Debra Ketterling
Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co.
Art and Grace Link
Lockheed Martin Corporation Foundation
McCabe United Methodist Church
Becky McVittie
MDU Resources Foundation
Mid Dakota Clinic Primecare
Midway Lanes Inc.
George Munger
Northern Improvement Co.
Northwest Development Group, Inc.
Prairie Engineering, P.C.
Ritterbush-Ellig-Hulsing, PC
Judith Rosenfeld
Saks News
SEO Precision, Inc.
Gina Shepard
Skeels Electric Company
Jacqueline Smith
Albert Spottke
Starion Financial
Francis Pinard Tafoya
Tesoro Mandan Refinery
Tom and Frances Leach Foundation, Inc.
Dennis Trusty
US Foodservice/GFG Division
Stephen Wisthoff
Albert Wolf
W.T. Butcher & Associates, LTD

Teeing Off for Academic Success Golf Tournament
The third annual “Teeing Off for Academic Success” UTTC Golf Tournament was held in September at Apple Creek Country Club. Thank you to all of the supporters and sponsors that made this tournament a successful event.

Action Cleaners
Jesse Alkire
Paul Bordeaux
Michael Condon
James Condon
Dakota Magic Casino
Brian Decoteau
Mick Decoteau
Chuck Decoteau
Troy Decoteau
Dell Com Contractors
Vince Eastman
Myra Evinrud
Rob Gayton
Ryan House
Mike Huber
Kirkwood Bank and Trust
Rob Koppinger
Jim Laducer
Kevin Martin
Butch Mastrud
Rivers Mitchell
Prairie Knights Casino
Jessica Simpson
Jared Smith
Ricky Smith
Pat Thomas
Randolf White Bull
Ivan White Mountain
Rick Woodward
Lori Woodward

John Thunderhawk Scholarship Fund
This fund was created in memory of the late John Thunderhawk. The scholarship is awarded to student athletes.

Thunderhawk Family

40th Anniversary Fund
Contributions to the 40th Anniversary Fund helped to conduct events that marked UTTC’s 40th year in 2009. The following employees made generous contributions:

Kathy Aller
Kim Anderson
Barbara Archambault
Pat Aune
Sheri Baker
Biron Baker
Kelly Baker
Karla Baxter
Roxanne Benninger
Tamara Bitz
Bryan Christensen
Scott Davis
Brad Hawk
Brenda Jechort
Kathy Johnson
Margo Krabbenhoft
Anne Kuyper
Lynelle Lawler
Carol Melby
Ron Melby
Glenna Mueller
David Raymo
Dennis Renville
Brenda Rhone
Julie Stock-Porter
Charlene Weis

Sherman Brunelle - Gandhi Peace Network Scholarship
Gandhi Peace Network

Lynn Ketterling Scholarship
Kathy Aller
Carol Anderson
Biron and Sheri Baker
Karla Baxter
Bev Huber
Debra Ketterling
Ann Kraft
Anne Kuyper
Evelyn Orth
Brian Palecek
Dennis Renville
Charlene Weis


UTTC Softball Tournament
Francis Azure
Daryl Bearstail
Shirley Bordeaux
Ella Duran
Royce Fiddler
Steven Fisher
Leah Fox
Uli Fox
Lucie Gall
G. Russell Gillette
David M. Gipp
Brad Hawk
Ryan Hertel
Shawn Holz
Shirley Iron Road
Warren Koch
LeRoi Laundreau
Bernice Laundreau
Lowell Little Eagle
Cheryl Long Feather
Twila Martin Kekahbah
Cathy Mastrud
Kayla McCloud
T.J. McLaughlin
Deb Painte
Prairie Island Tribal Council 
Prairie Wind Casino
Premier Financial Consulting / Lawrence Stockert
Wayne Pruse
Geri Racine
Matt Red Bear
Tom Red Bird
Brenda Redday
Red Tipped Arrow, LLC
Renae Ripley
Barb Schmitt
Jesi Shanley
Star Silk
Michael Stockert
Bernard Strikes Enemy
Daisy Teller
Mike Upham
UTTC Maintenance