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Work for Educational Cost
United Tribes Technical College Pilot Project
31 January 2005
by Jesi Silbernagel

      The Leadership through Experience Program is designed to promote student leadership development while helping students pay for an education. This opportunity will enhance the student's total educational experience through the learning of skills, responsibility, habits, attitudes, and processes associated with employment. It will also create a sense of independence, freedom and accomplishment. Not only will students be able to pay for their educational costs, they will earn income for personal living expenses as well.

      Interested students are asked to meet with Shirley Iron Road at Enrollment Services, ext. 1226. She has the applications and will help students with their resumes. The students have to have explored all other funding before applying. Students will be selected based on need and effort put forth in the interviewing process.

      If you have any questions about the program, please give Kathy Johnson a call at ext. 1266.


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