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New Electrical Gear Improves Training

February 4, 2014


MAKING CONTACT: John Whiteman connects a test lead while his partner Sherman Chavez checks the components on an electrical panel in the Automotive Service Technology classroom at United Tribes. Both students are from the Northern Arapaho Tribe, Wind River, WY. Along with classmates Thomas Tomko and Joseph Lovejoy at rear, they’re studying automotive electrical systems using newly acquired set-boards designed specifically for the purpose. Each of the six units now in use is a fault-tolerant, self-powered 12 volt system, containing all the electrical components in a vehicle – switches, wiring, actuators, diodes, resisters, sending-units and more – out in the open, easy to see and easy to work with. “These are the boards that dealerships use to teach and train their technicians,” says Auto-Tech Instructor Scott Graeber. “They really improve our training.” The boards and teaching materials came from GM but the concepts and lessons in the two-week course are entirely transferrable to other makes of vehicles.
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