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Campus group focusing on recruitment
15 February 2005

UTN - Having more students attend United Tribes Technical College is the goal for a low-key group of staff members at the college in Bismarck, ND. The UTTC Recruitment Task Force (RTF) was formed about one year ago. Members began examining how to recruit more students for a college education.

      "We're focusing on recruiting students to our campus and to the online programs," said Kathy Johnson, UTTC Enrollment Services Director and chair of the recruiting group. "We're spreading the word about the important programs we have to offer. It's pretty important to our growth plan."

Recruitment Task Force
Members of the UTTC Recruitment Task Force, from left, Admissions Director Vivian Gillette, Assistant Registrar Myra Vasquez, Small Business Management Instructor Carol Anderson, Enrollment Services Director Kathy Johnson, and Distance and Continuing Education Director Leah Woodke.

      The RTF got its start in the Student and Campus Services Department. The college hopes to increase enrollment to 2,000 students as part of a campus growth and expansion plan in the next five years.

      Core members are employees in Johnson's Enrollment Services Department: Registrar Joey McLeod or her assistant Myra Vasquez, Admissions Director Vivian Gillette, and Career Counselor Vince Schanandore. Small Business Management Instructor Carol Anderson, also a member, authored a recruiting plan. Distance and Continuing Education Director Leah Woodke joined the panel to focus attention on recruiting online students. Financial Aid Director Bob Parisien and Public Information Director Dennis Neumann are also members. Jesi Silbernagel, assistant dean of Student and Campus Services, who started the group, recently left to spearhead other campus initiatives.

      "Everyone is very committed to the goals of this group," said Johnson. "We try to keep things moving forward."

      RTF members refined the college's recruitment plan during a planning session last year. Emphasis was placed on the process of developing branch campuses and recruiting more online students.

      "Right now, with the current record levels of enrollment on campus, our classrooms and housing facilities are maxed out," said Johnson. "It makes sense for us to focus on the place where we have room for growth and that's using our distance learning technology."

      According to a late February enrollment report, 474 students were attending classes on campus, 45 were enrolled in online classes, and 29 at the college's branch campus at the Owens Valley Career Development Center, Bishop, California. Student enrollment of 548 is a record for Spring Semester.

      The distance learning recruitment plan calls for outbound calling, mailings, e-mails, information articles, and media promotion.

      Meanwhile, the group is not forgetting about some of the more traditional recruitment methods such as recruitment fairs, campus tours and vocational education conferences.

      The group helped create a new college view book, a colorful brochure about college offerings and enrollment, which can be economically distributed to large numbers of potential students. The college's recruiting booth recently received an update and facelift. Recruiters follow a calendar of recruitment events and track outcomes. And a hiring will take place soon for a full time recruiter.

      "We've been very committed as a group to working on our recruiting efforts," said Johnson. "We're making sure that those who represent the college have the materials they need to do the best job and that they're knowledgeable and enthusiastic as they promote our programs."


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