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UTTC is family path for new financial counselor
23 February 2005

UTN - The College's new financial aid counselor is a third generation UTTC employee. Molly Huber's mother, father and grandfather each have an association with the college.

      "My mother, Bev Huber, is a teacher here now. My father and my Grandfather worked here too," said Molly. "A teacher, a businessman and a carpenter. And now I'm the financial aid counselor. All from the same family."

Molly Huber
Molly Huber is UTTC's new financial aid counselor.

      Huber signed on in February filling the newly created position, financial aid counselor, in the Financial Aid division of Enrollment Services.

      Her father, Dennis Huber, was UTTC's Minority Business Development director; he retired in 2002. Her grandfather, Charles Huber, worked at UTTC from 1969 to 1978, helping prepare the college for opening and later as Building Trades Instructor. He passed away in 2003 at age 93. General Education Instructor Bev has been at the college since 1983.

      "I'm thankful for this new, bright opportunity to work at UTTC," she said. "I'm especially grateful to my mom for not embarrassing me at the pep rally my first week here."

      Her main goal is to assist students in finding additional outside sources of funding, said her supervisor, Financial Aid Director Bob Parisien. Her work will focus on getting information to students and assisting them in searching out the numerous financial aid opportunities that exist.

      "I'm available any time to discuss scholarship options, financial aid, or just answer questions about the whole process," she said.


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