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27 February 2009

Third Quarter Award

Fifth and sixth grade TJES basketball players at a tournament January 31 in Bismarck. Front row from left, Hayden Strong Heart, Thomas Teeman, Sky Davis, Randal Eagleshield. Back Row from left, Larci Joshua, Elijah Feather Earring, Zach Burdick, Gio Jeannote, Micah Cooley, and Chance Pettigrew.

      TJES student accomplishments were recognized Friday, February 6 during an awards assembly attended by United Tribes President Dr. David M. Gipp. Dr. Gipp was presented a JTES Waste’ Way t-shirt, which means respecting self, others, environment, children, teachers, and property.

Go For The Green  

      TJES students also received the new, green Waste’ Way t-shirt. Why green? Just like a traffic light, green means “Go,” as in keep on working hard, that’s why we went for that color. Green means make good choices in working toward your goal.

Day For Skiing

      Grades 4-8 were scheduled to go skiing on February 20. The location was Huff Hills, south of Mandan.

TJES fifth grade double ball players, from left, Mariah Baker, Marlaysia Cloud, Shirley Redday, Averie Jonnette, and Randal Eagle Shield; back to camera Hayden Strong Heart.

Science At State

       The North Dakota Native American State Science and Engineering fair took place on January 19. Draven Medicine Horse and Sage Arpan won first place. Draven is going to the National Science Fair in Minneapolis. Third place winners were Kieran Lindeman, Randal Eagleshield, Marlasia Cloud, Elisia Feather Earring and Emily Davis. There were over 200 participants. The categories were team, animal science, biology, environmental science, computers, planetary science and engineering. Grades 4-8 participated.




Showing speed and aptitude Cinnamon Arpan maneuvered around Rebel Denny during a double ball match. United Tribes News photos Dennis J. Neumann











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