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Bench press winners earn bragging rights
28 February 2005

Margaret McCormack and Steve White Mountain

      You could say these two are the strongest woman and man on campus. Margaret McCormack (Nez Perce Tribe) Injury Prevention, hoisted 135 pounds to win the women's division of the February 24 UTTC Bench Press Contest. Steve White Mountain (Standing Rock) Art/Art Marketing, pressed 275 pounds for first in the men's division. Organizer Mark Mindt said there are more UTTC weight lifters now and their form and technique is better. "Our students are getting stronger and making an effort to change their daily wellness routine," said Mindt. "This meet was a success." Mind urged lifters to train for another competition in March. Other women competitors: Dawn Israel (90 lbs.), Juanita Lindson (90 lbs.) and Tessa Clairmont. Other men lifters: Tim Bull Bear (245 lbs.), Terry Long Elk (225 lbs.) and Danial Stover, Wade Medicine, Jesse Elwell, Vance Tasunka Witko, and Doval Johnson.


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