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Pass “GO” and collect all kinds of fun
By Carol Anderson, Small Business Management Department Chair

01 March 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College students played a special role at a community event February 13. Students from the Small Business Management, Art-Art Marketing and Energy Auditor programs served as bankers for a Monopoly tournament.

      They had the fun of handling the play money, selling the property deeds and interpreting the rules of the popular board game for the annual Junior Achievement Monopoly Tournament.

Banker Stacey Grant brokers a property deal for youngsters playing in the Junior Achievement Monopoly Tournament February 13 at the Mandan Fire Station.

      The event was a fundraiser sponsored by the Bismarck-Mandan Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement, and Cumulus Broadcasting, a local radio station group.

      Seven UTTC students participated: Stacey Grant, E. J. Redbear, Antonio Motis, Sandra Stevens, Jennifer Hickman, Arden Boxer, and John Strait. It was a good opportunity to take part in a community event and exercise some of the skills associated with entrepreneurism.

      Ninety participants matched their luck and business instincts against each other in three age categories: grades 4-8; grades 9-12, and adults.

E. J. Redbear played in the Monopoly tournament and placed second in the adult division.

      The action played out in what might seem like an odd location: the garage of Mandan Fire Station No. 1, another sponsor. But it was a great place with plenty of room next to the fire engines. They even witnessed what happens during a fire call when the trucks roll out.

      The UTTC students said they enjoyed the day, especially seeing the play of the young kids who are very quick and competitive.

      One UTTC student, E. J. Redbear, played in the tournament and placed second in the adult division and received lots of good prizes.

      It was this tournament’s fifth year playing the popular board game that was invented in 1934, and a great day for everyone who participated.

      – Carol Anderson serves on the Chamber’s Business Education Partnership Committee