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UTTC ready for AIHEC
By Jen Janacek Hartman, Ph.D., Director of STEM Education

01 March 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes will send 20 competitors and five coaches to the annual student competition of the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) in Chandler, Arizona. The event begins March 21 with an opening ceremony and ends with an awards banquet on March 23.

      To be eligible, students must be carrying at least six credits and be in good academic standing. They must have good attendance that is verified by their advisor, and not have any disciplinary infractions.

      The United Tribes team members are listed here with the categories of competition each will participate in.

      This year’s hosting committee consisted of volunteers from the following tribal colleges: College of the Muscogee Nation, Comanche Nation College, Dine College, Haskell Indian Nations University, Institute of American Indian Arts, Navajo Technical College, Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Institute, and Tohono O’odham Community College.

      The host hotels for the competition this year are the Wild Horse Pass Hotel and Casino and the Radisson Hotel Phoenix/Chandler.

      Wish us luck!

      For more information visit the AIHEC website (www.AIHEC.org), which has a link to the conference page containing the agenda and updates.

Rolynn Clown: Business Bowl, Critical Inquiry
David One Horn: Business Bowl, Speech-Persuade, Mr. AIHEC
Matt St. John: Business Bowl, Science Poster
Lisa Stump: Speech-Persuade, Critical Inquiry
Jenna Skunk Cap: Speech-Inform, Traditional Plants, PowerPoint
Sierra Two Bulls: Speech- Persuade, Knowledge Bowl, Fun Run/Walk
Michael Chappell: Speech-Inform, PowerPoint, Fun Run/Walk
Trent Otter Robe: Speech-Serious Interpretation, PowerPoint, Fun Run/Walk, Archery
Bobbi Jo Wise Spirit: Speech-Persuade, Speech–Inform
Glen Fox: Knowledge Bowl, 1-Act Play, Archery
Nathan Dunn: Creative Writing, 1-Act Play, PowerPoint, Archery
Chris Montclair: Science Bowl, Science Poster
Duane Jackson: Traditional Plants, Science Bowl
Ryan Moran: Traditional Plants, Science Bowl
Stacey Grant: Traditional Plants, Speech-Persuade, Knowledge Bowl, Web Design, Archery
Emmanuel Red Bear: Traditional Plants, Knowledge Bowl, Web Design
Cristin Haase: Science Bowl, Critical Inquiry
Alvin Jeremy McLeod: Speech-Inform, Critical Inquiry
Jeri Morsette: Business Bowl, PowerPoint, Critical Inquiry, Ms AIHEC, Fashion Show
Codi Blackbird: Web Page Design, Knowledge Bowl, Archery

Rolynn Clown, David One Horn, Jenna Skunk Cap, Sierra Two Bulls, Trent Otter Robe, Bobbi Jo Wise Spirit, Glen Fox, Nathan Dunn, Stacey Grant, Emmanuel Red Bear and Jeri Morsette

Jeri Morsette, David One Horn, Jenna Skunkcap, Nathan Dunn, Glen Fox, Siena Two Bulls, Michael Chappelle, and Sonja Cain

Mandy Guinn: Knowledge Bowl, Science Bowl, Science Poster/Oral Competitions
Rebekah Olson: Science Bowl, PowerPoint, Science Poster/Oral Competition
Jen Janecek Hartman: Science Bowl, Speech, Critical Inquiry, Business Bowl, PowerPoint, Traditional Plants
Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua: Archery, Volleyball
Tamara Marshall: Archery, Volleyball
Sonja Cain: Hand Games, Mr./Ms AIHEC, One Act Play, Fashion Show, Traditional Plants
Julie Cain: Hand Games, Mr./Ms AIHEC, One Act Play, Fashion Show, Traditional Plants
Red Koch: Chaperone/Chauffer