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By Nathan Stratton, Associate VP Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Finance
1 March 2011

Kara Four Bear
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe

      Student Kara Four Bear is from South Dakota and the mother of two children. She is currently completing an AAS degree at United Tribes Technical College and, at the same time, earning a BS in Elementary Education through a collaborative program with Sinte Gleska University, a tribally controlled university in South Dakota.

Kara Four Bear

      Kara describes her educational journey as a non-traditional student like this:

      "I have thrived in the culturally relevant and supportive environment that United Tribes Technical College provides. I have been afforded the opportunity to not only become a knowledgeable and capable professional, but have been provided with other educational opportunities to further enhance my leadership and organizational skills."

      Kara is currently researching Master's and Doctorate programs to continue her education. As soon as she finishes, she hopes to return home to teach elementary school and find other ways to contribute.

      In her words, she seeks "to make a positive difference for Native Americans through education."


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