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Headlines highlight nutrition education
3 March 2006
By Wanda Agnew, UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Program Director

      I and Luanne Perkins of the UTTC Extension staff are offering nutrition education for K-8 students at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School. Topics covered include MyPyramid, Buffalo, Calcium, 5 A Day, and Food Safety.

      During one of the sessions, grade 7 and 8 students worked hard to develop catchy newspaper headlines promoting the new USDA MyPyramid to the public: "Eat Three Cups of Milk a Day, That's What the Pyramids Say"; "Get off the Couch and get Active"; "Waving Fields of Grain Promoted in MyPyramid"; "Fruits and Vegetables Promoted in MyPyramid"; "Sweets are Good to Eat, But are Bad for Your Health"; "MyPyramid says Meats are Good for You, You get Meat on You"; "MyPyramid states Fats and Oils are not Healthy for You"; "MyPyramid Promotes Calcium to Give you Strong Bones and Teeth"; "Fruit and Vegetables Gives a Body Vitamins"; "Grains and Vegetables Grow in the Ground and are Part of MyPyramid"; "MyPyramid says 5-ounces of Meat Each Day"; "MyPyramid Balances Health With Working Out and Eating Healthy Foods."

      During the final week of the six weeks of sessions, students will tour the UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice kitchen lab, make fruit smoothies and have questions answered by college students.

      For more information about MyPyramid and developing your personal healthy eating and activity plan go to http://www.mypyramid.gov or call one of the nutrition professionals at UTTC Extension x 1420.


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