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03 March 2010

TJES at Huff Hills

      On February the 5th, students in grades 4 through 8 spent the day at Huff Hills, a ski slope south of Mandan. Another school was at the hills and TJES students had to wait patiently about half-an-hour before we could start checking out skis.

      "It was a warm and snowy day. There were a lot of crashes with ski’s falling off. But nobody got hurt." – Kieran, Grade 6

TJES receives award

      Theodore Jamerson Elementary School was awarded Greatest Gains in Reading and Math for a school with high turnover. During the BIE Leadership Institute for principals, math and reading coaches held in San Diego CA, TJES was one of four schools recognized for student gains in implementing the Reading First and Math Counts programs. - Kieran, Grade 6

Trophy tussle for grades 4 and 8

      TJES 4th graders proudly displayed the best attendance trophy for the month of December. Because the 8th grade students at TJES had perfect attendance for the month of January, on February 11, the 8th graders got their “REVENGE.” They came into the 4th grade classroom to take the trophy. Mrs. Olson tired to hide it but Ms. Stevens saw the trophy and the 8th grade students took it again.







      For the month of December, the 4th grade students challenged the 8th graders for the trophy. Sure enough at the end of the month the 4th grade marched in there and took it from them. Fourth Grader Taylahni promises, “We will get it back…wha ha ha ha! This battle must end, and 4th grade must have perfect attendance.”

      The attendance competition has been going on almost all year between the 4th and 8th graders. - Taylahni, 4th Grade

Science Club Cameras

      On Feb 8, after-school students in science club were taught how to make pinhole cameras. At the next science club they will take pictures and develop them, scan them, reverse them with a computer, and print them. - Taylahni, 4th Grade