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Students build teamwork, learn about grant aid
5 March 2005
by Leona White Hat, Student Support Services

      On February 1, 45 students attended the spring Semester Grant Aid informational meeting sponsored by Student Support Services in the lower level meeting area of the Jack Barden Center. The Grant Aid program assists students who meet the criteria.

      After receiving information, students participated in a group activity aimed at team and social network building. The exercise challenged the students to build a table tall enough so a brief case could fit underneath and be sturdy enough to hold the brief case on top.

      The real challenge, however, was to use only newspaper and tape.

      Out of seven teams, three met the challenge. As a reward, each winning team member received a $5 gift certificate to the Wopila Coffee Shop.

      After this first informational meeting, students are expected to attend several more, which focus on financial aid, student scholarships, student health, time management, formal/social network building, and study skills. The purpose is to assist students, financially, academically, and socially in their transition to becoming a successful college student. To qualify for the program, students must be in good academic standing along with meeting other additional criteria.

      The SSS program would like to also thank those who assisted in making the program successful.