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Walking Circle revived
Part of campus wellness initiative
7 March 2006
By Wanda Agnew, UTTC/USDA Extension-Land Grant Programs Director

      Staff members from the Strengthening Lifestyles Program (Wellness Services Department) and Land Grant Extension Program are leading a revival of the UTTC Walking Circle.

Lance Eaglestaff
Lance Eaglestaff

      Lance Eaglestaff, health promotion specialist and Luanne Perkins, nutrition education assistant, will lead staff and students two times per day in the popular walking group that has been so active on campus over the past three years.

      The Walking Circle meets Monday through Friday at noon in front of the Skill Center and at 4:30 p.m. in front of the James Henry Community Center gym. Everyone in the campus community is invited to join for 30 minutes of walking and fellowship. The effort

      The effort is part of the on-going UTTC Wellness Circle activities and 5+5 Communities Programs.

      The Walking Circle was one of the first, and most enduring health activities to emerge from the campus wellness initiative launched in 2002 by UTTC President David M. Gipp.

Luanne Perkins
Luanne Perkins

      In a proclamation, President Gipp urged all employees, students, and families on campus "to participate individually and collectively in the UTTC Health and Wellness Initiative" to improve and sustain the health and wellness of the entire campus community.

      President Gipp underscored his support for worksite wellness activities, such as daily walking, by allowing employees to dedicate 30 minutes of each working day to participate in wellness and good health programs and activities.

      Lance and Luanne will provide walker's journals and pedometers, if you don't have one from previous years, to document individual progress toward the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Small competitions and incentives are planned.


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