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Warriors honored in 2006 powwow poster
8 March 2006

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IMAGE HONORS RETURNING WARRIORS: The traditionally clad dancer who seems to be emerging from the circle is an akicita (soldier in Lakota) who, in reality, is dancing to expand and strengthen the circle of life. That's part of the interpretation of the artwork, "I Have Returned," which has been selected to represent the 37th Annual United Tribes International Powwow, scheduled for September 7 - 10, 2006, on the college campus in Bismarck. Military imagery from Vietnam - the service era of the artist, the late Alden Archambault (Standing Rock) - honors all native warriors who return into their culture. Other akicita imagery includes black stripes on the tipis, indicating the home of one who went to battle, the American flag, and Eagle feathers on the lance, the red one indicating wounded veteran. "It expresses how the powwow is a place of respect and honor for veterans," said UTTC President David M. Gipp. "I Have Returned" is the fifth piece of Archambaults to represent the UTTC powwow. The original goes into the collection of American Indian art at United Tribes Technical College, some of which is on display at the college's Cultural Interpretive Center. To obtain a poster or information about the powwow and associated events contact Sandy Erickson, serickson@uttc.edu, 701-255-3285 x 1293, FAX 701-530-0633, or visit http://www.uttc.edu.


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