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Officers elected for newly created student science group
9 March 2005
by Michael Collins, Environmental Science Instructor

UTN - A slate of officers is in place for the newly created United Tribes Technical College chapter of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES). Linette Crow's Heart was elected secretary/treasurer, Dave Herman, vice-president, and Marla Striped Face-Collins, president.

AISES Elders with students
Two AISES Council of Elders members with UTTC Student Chapter Representatives: seated Franklin Kahn (Dine') and Horace Axtell (Nez Perce). Standing Marla Striped Face-Collins (Standing Rock) and Dave Herman (Oglala). UTN photo Mike Collins.

      The AISES group was established in a series of meetings culminating with a chartering meeting on January 25. Ten students applied for membership at that time; since then four others have joined.

      "Native Americans are underrepresented in these career fields," said Marla Striped Face-Collins, chapter president. "This is a new program and it would be good to see it grow and succeed. By next fall, I'd like to see 20 members in the chapter."

      AISES is an international organization aimed at helping American Indians and Alaskan Natives enter the career fields of science, math, engineering, technology, and business. The non-profit organization includes scientists and engineering professionals, students, and others, who are Native and non-Native. Student members have the opportunity and advantage of applying for scholarships and internships through AISES. The UTTC chapter will become a group network for peer support and encouragement.

      Another important part of the AISES organization, it recognizes and supports traditional values that bridge science and technology with Native traditions. At the AISES Leadership Conference February 10 - 13 in Albuquerque, NM, the Council of Elders supported many Native American student leaders and their advisors from across the nation.

      UTTC AISES Chapter members: Marla Striped Face-Collins, President (Tribal Environmental Science), Dave Herman, Vice-President (Automotive Technology), Linette Crows Heart, Secretary/Treasurer (Tribal Environmental Science), Richard White, Student Senate Representative (Automotive Technology), Thomas Crows Heart, Alternate Student Senate Representative (Automotive Technology), Helen Reed (Tribal Environmental Science), Brandy Canyon (Psychology), Juanita Linson (Nursing), Waylon Pumpkin Seed (Criminal Justice), Jason Pretty Boy (Tribal Management), Waylon Oldman (Tribal Management), Dody Blackmoon (Office Technology). Chapter advisors are Mike Collins and Leona White Hat. To join contact mcollins@uttc.edu or lwhitehat@uttc.edu or call 255-3285, x1322.