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New committee to focus on campus facilities
12 March 2007
By Curtis Maynard, Computer Technician Specialist, Technology Department

      A new committee, organized by Russell Swagger, vice president of Student and Campus Services, is focusing on campus facilities and infrastructure as part of the college's expansion and renovation plan.

      The UTTC Facilities Committee was organized in December. Initial members are: Russell Swagger, Bud Anderson, Curt Maynard, Frank Bosch and Mike Matheny.

      The group identified its purpose, and its Mission, Vision, Values and Goal Statements:

      PURPOSE: To create an environment conducive to teaching and learning; provide quality services; and to coordinate major projects.

      MISSION: To provide safe, modern, state of the art facilities which are conducive to teaching and learning through the effective use of existing resources.

      VALUES: Integrity, Trust, Dependability

      GOALS: Update Master Facility Plan; Upgrade All Existing Facilities; Plan Long Term Projects; Coordinate Major Projects; and Identify Funding Sources.

      The committee's initial meeting was attended by college vice presidents and members of the core group: Russell Swagger, Shirley Bordeaux, Sam Azure, Harriet Skye, Dennis Renville, Leah Woodke, Cathy Mastrud, Bud Anderson, Mike Matheny, Curt Maynard, and Frank Bosch.

      The committee hopes to identify UTTC department needs by considering these, and other, questions: What will boost the staff's ability to fulfill their job responsibilities? What will enhance the students learning experience? What will add to the UTTC image in the community? What new facilities will enhance UTTC's future?

      Short-term, high priority agenda Items are: To identify locations for expansion of the Finance Department and Book Store; to promote and plan for updating the UTTC Master Plan; and to promote the existence of the Facilities Committee.

      Long-term agenda items are: To expand committee expertise to include members from various professionals (including existing UTTC staff/students, and professionals from outside the college's staff and students); to use the updated master plan to logically grow UTTC facilities; to research and arranged for appropriate funding sources; to address campus aesthetics by locating certain utilities underground; to extend utility service to the "new campus" site; and to address additional challenges as they are identified.

      The Facilities Committee looks forward to serving the campus community's facility needs. We ask for your comments and suggestions to assist us in performing needed tasks. Thank You.


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