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Speaking From Tradition
12 March 2007

Ken One Feather

STANDING FOR TRIBAL WAYS: UTTC Carpenter Ken One Feather (Standing Rock) invested a good deal of time over winter constructing a new speaker's podium for campus events. Imitation eagle feathers adorn the ash pole spears that are lashed together with buffalo rawhide and covered with deer buckskin. The shelves are from aromatic cedar. The center piece is a Buffalo rawhide shield by UTTC Tribal Arts Director Butch Thunderhawk (Standing Rock). Butch painted the Thunderbird design with natural earth pigments in an old style inspired by a shield made in the late 19th Century by No Two Horns (Lakota, Standing Rock). The Thunderbird is a revered, mythological figure and the college's namesake. The new podium was put into service in mid March, just in time for the spring season when tradition dictates that Thunder Beings are welcomed back onto the Northern Plains after their winter absence. UTN photo Dennis J. Neumann.


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