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Traditional Hand Game Fun
14 March 2007

Don Rush and Evelyn Orth

SHOW ME WHATCHA GOT: United Tribes Technical College staff and faculty revel in a showdown between traditional hand-game teacher Don Rush (Three Affiliated) and UTTC Practical Nursing Director Evelyn Orth. The dramatic moment came during a session of the college's All Staff Professional Development Day. Both players conceal in their hands game pieces made of animal bone that determine who wins.


Hand Game part of Professional Development Day

Hand game photos

      Members of the United Tribes staff thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to learn how to play a traditional hand game. It was the final session of All Staff Professional Development Day on March 12, taught by hand game experts Don Rush and George Good Bear (Three Affiliated).

      Players on two opposing teams conceal in their hands game pieces made of animal bone. The action involves selecting which hand holds the unmarked piece or matching the opponent's arrangement of the two bones hand-for-hand.

      Keen players possess the advanced interpersonal skill of reading an opponent's body language and deceiving them with expressions, gestures and distraction. It also involves a bit of luck.

      First time players soon learned how the contest provides endless hours of entertainment.

      Success was determined by winning all the sticks. In this case, it was the team headed by Russell Gillette.

      UTN photos Dennis J. Neumann.



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