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21 March 2012

TJES makes AYP!

SHOCKING EXPERIENCE: Students in grade 4 at TJES learned about electricity. First in line for the fun, Kallen White Eyes, age 9, places his hand on a static electricity ball and instantly sends a mild shock to Ricky Eagle Shield, 10, and everyone else touching each other around the classroom. The demonstration was part of the utility industry program "Story Behind the Switch," presented January 17 by Tracy Fugere of Basin Electric and Wes Engbrecht of Capital Electric Cooperative.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN <> United Tribes News

      The Bureau of Indian Education has confirmed that Theodore Jamerson Elementary School achieved Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for the 2010-2011 school year.

      All AYP determinations are based on the AYP criteria of the state in which the school is located.

      TJES staff, students, and parents are congratulated on this remarkable achievement!

      For more information about TJES and AYP, please contact Principal Sam Azure 701-255-3285 x 1305, sazure@uttc.edu.

Glenna Mueller, Reading/Math Center

World Class Competition

WINNER'S REWARD: From his pot filled with gold, leprechaun Mark Anderson, Computer Tech/Gifted and Talented Instructor, contributes to the enthusiasm of World Spelling Day at TJES. Sixth grader Tayla Blaine earned several of the chocolate treats for winning matches online March 5 with other students around the world.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN <> United Tribes News

      TJES students in grades K-8 participated March 5-7 in World Spelling and Math competition. Each student played online one minute fluency spelling or math games against other students the same age around the world.

      TJES completed 40,142 correct answers for World Spelling Day and 50,705 correct answers for World Math Day!

World Spelling Day Results
Top Ten Correct Answers

  1. TeShaune Plenty Chief, Grade 2
  2. Camden Penny, Grade 2
  3. Hallie McDaniel, Grade 8
  4. Charish Hoss, Grade 8
  5. Luis Salinas, Grade 2
  6. Selma Ruiz, Grade 1
  7. Serenity Eagle Bull, Grade 1
  8. Tayla Blaine, Grade 6
  9. John James Knight, Grade 2
  10. Daeshaun Strong Heart, Grade 5

World Math Day Results
Top Ten Correct Answers

  1. Elijah Feather Earring, Grade 8
  2. Charish Hoss, Grade 8
  3. Elissya Feather Earring, Grade 7
  4. Hayden Strong Heart, Grade 8
  5. Hallie McDaniel, Grade 8
  6. Chase Marrowbone, Grade 7
  7. Shandarra Douglas, Grade 8
  8. Kaylean Lohnes, Grade 7
  9. Daeshaun Strong Heart, Grade 5
  10. JoLynn Windy Boy, Grade 7

Misty Miller, Math Coach






















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