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UTTC Computer Tech participating with Microsoft
By Jeff McDowell, Computer Information Technology Department Chair/Instructor
21 March 2012

      The United Tribes Computer Information Technology program is a participant in the Microsoft MORE Program (Mentorship, Outreach and Retention in Education). The program is designed to partner with regional colleges and universities to attract and retain women in technology. Although the focus is primarily on women, overall diversity is important and many schools have participants of many races, genders, and ethnic backgrounds.

      UTTC is one of more than 20 colleges in the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa involved in a program facilitated in this region by the giant information technology firm's Fargo, North Dakota office.

In the United Tribes CIT lab, students and staff viewing the webinar that originated March 7 from Microsoft's Fargo offices.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN <> United Tribes News

      The program was launched with a webinar in January titled: "Building Business Applications in Light Speed using LightSwitch." The February event was "Microsoft Research: The Process and One Researcher's Passion for Everyday Technology;" and March was titled: "Exciting jobs in Professional Technical Support Organizations."

      Microsoft is one of the "big dogs" of the IT industry. Through this program, the company is expressing its committed to attracting and retaining women to its organization and into STEM classes and programs. The ultimate goal is to increase female retention in technology related programs. The company is also offering opportunities for scholarships and summer employment.

      The MORE program specifically promotes the establishment of Microsoft's Fargo campus as a resource. And it hopes to build and maintain a network of female students participating in the program in the region.

      Although the program is designed for female students, male students are invited to participate. The webinars were open to anyone associated with UTTC.

      The next, and final event of the MORE spring cycle is a visit on April 13 to Microsoft's Fargo headquarters for a day-long series of trainings and discussions about technology and career options.

      For more information please contact me: Jeff McDowell, Computer Information Technology Department Chair/Instructor, 701-255-3285 x 1416, jmcdowell@uttc.edu.

Great Summer Employment Opportunity with Microsoft!
2012 Microsoft Student Experience Program (SEP)

      Spend your summer with Microsoft! The Student Experience Program (SEP) is a paid work experience for high school and college students to work on Microsoft’s Fargo, N.D. campus during the summer. It offers real-life working experience, while learning about the technology industry.

  • Open to H.S. students who have completed their junior year (must be 16) through recent college graduates
  • Hired through Kelly Service but work within Microsoft teams
  • Typical timing is June-August but can be flexible

Available Roles

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Event Planning
  • Content Publishing/Technical Writing
  • Accounting Services
  • Web Design
  • Partner & Field Team Operations
  • I.T.
  • Financial Operations

Students with a variety of interests and backgrounds will be considered.
2012 Program Specifics

  • Accepting Resumes now: msfargo@microsoft.com.
  • Please include SEP in the subject line.
  • Please indicate your interest for type of role
  • Interviews will be scheduled accordingly

More information Katie Hasbargen: Katie.hasbargen@microsoft.com.

Women@Microsoft Hoppers Scholarship
Applications now being accepted!
  • Female college student in ND, SD, or MN
  • Majoring in Computer Science or related discipline
  • $1,500 scholarship award
  • Outstanding academic performance
  • Academic achievement, character, and qualities of leadership
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher

Application form: http://areafoundation.org/index.php/scholarships

DEADLINE: April 30, 2012
More Info: Katie Hasbargen: 701.281.6877, Katie.hasbargen@microsoft.com