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TJES safe and drug free
22 March 2006
By Barb Danks

      TJES' Safe & Drug Free Program is thriving. The staff and parent committee meets monthly to guide plan program activities. Guidance Classes, counseling, groups, after school activities and mentoring are ongoing.

      The Circle of Parents is an opportunity for parents to have lunch together and share their parenting experiences. Parents can learn from and support each other. It is held every Wednesday until May 3rd for any and all parents in the Lower Level of Jack Barden. TJES, UTTC Wellness, and the Region VII Family Resource Center sponsor this Circle.

      March 21, TJ students have the opportunity to take a Drug Free Pledge at our Quarterly Honoring Assembly. "I Pledge to live a healthy drug free lifestyle and walk the Red Road." We have a guest speaker scheduled for March 29th to visit with our school about the Red Road, and living strong, healthy lives. Students have guest speakers throughout the year.

      All TJ Staff are participating in 10 hours of Professional Development on topics for keeping our children Safe & Drug Free. Officer Jeff Azure, PYB, visited with us Feb. 26. He spoke about gangs. We expect to provide a session for parents. All TJ staff is receiving 2 days of training for the Boys & Girls Town Social Skills Program. We teach social skills and learn effective ways to intervene if a student is having difficulty with behavior.

      Events that are being planned are: April - Child Abuse Prevention Month and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Month activities, developing TJES' Wellness Policy, possible Lock In for our youth, and a Red Ribbon Aerial Photo by the National Guard the last week of April.


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