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Scholarship help from an expert


APPLICATION PROCESS: Caroline Taken Alive (Standing Rock) gets expert assistance from Chad Yen in filling out an online application for a scholarship March 21 during the United Tribes College and Career Fair. Yen is interim scholarship coordinator for the American Indian College Fund, a national organization that raises funding for and creates awareness about the nation's tribal colleges and universities. Taken Alive is a student in the United Tribes Health Information Technology Program. The event at United Tribes was coordinated by the college's Career Development office; more information Greg Sturm 701-255-3285 x 1333, gsturm@uttc.edu.
DENNIS J. NEUMANN <> United Tribes News

Chad Yen can be reached at: CYen@collegefund.org

The American Indian College Fund website is: http://www.collegefund.org







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