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American Indian Higher Education Consortium Conference, March 17-20, 2008, Bismarck, ND
25 March 2008

1st Team Stone Child College (SCC), Box Elder, MT
2nd Team Fort Peck Community College (FPCC), Poplar, MT
3rd Team United Tribes Technical College (UTTC), Bismarck, ND
BUSINESS BOWL – Individual
1st Accounting April Little Ghost Kalenze, UTTC
2nd Accounting Jessie McDonald, Salish Kootenia College (SKC), Pablo, MT
3rd Accounting Stephanie Sorbel, Oglala Lakota College (OLC), Kyle, SD
1st Economics Robert Reum, SKC
2nd Economics Tammy Hammer, Fort Berthold Community College (FBCC), New Town, ND
3rd Economics Nora Bluebird, OLC
1st Management Robert Reum, SKC
2nd Management Kim Cosay, Sitting Bull College (SBC), Fort Yates, ND
3rd Management Ashley Lafriniere, Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College (FDL), Cloquet, MN
1st Marketing Ashley Lafriniere, FDL
2nd Marketing Cherly Hovgaard, Blackfeet Community College (BCC), Browning, MT
3rd Marketing Shandee Gillin, SKC
1st Spreadsheets Sally Sees the Elk, SBC
2nd Spreadsheets Vida Dogskin, SBC
3rd Spreadsheets Rita Jacobs, Candeska Cikana Community College (CCCC), Fort Totten, ND
1st Word Vel Marie Yellow Wolf, FBCC
2nd Word Fabian Betone, UTTC
3rd Word Will White Eyes, OLC
1st Team Salish Kootenai College
2nd Team Sitting Bull College
3rd Team Fort Berthold CC
Business Plan
1st Team Salish Kootenai College
2nd Team Turtle Mountain CC
3rd Team Oglala Lakota College
Web Page Design
1st Team Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa CC (LCOO), Mathew Naugle, Hayward, WI
2nd Team Navajo Technical College (NTC), Richard Delgarito, Crownpoint, NM
3rd Team Navajo Technical College, Dody Begay
Best of Show
Traditional Division Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, TMCC
Contemporary Division Charlotte King, Institute of American Indian Art (IAIA), Santa Fe, NM
Governors Choice Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, TMCC
Presidents Choice Jasper Half Jr., SKC
Peoples Choice Herb Augustine, Wind River Tribal College (WRTC), Ethete, WY
1st Beadwork Karla Blue Dawn, IAIA
2nd Beadwork Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, TMCC
3rd Beadwork Stephanie Sorbel, OLC
1st Leather work Rochelle Forget', SBC
2nd Leather work Rose Saddler, UTTC
3rd Leather work Tina Curley, UTTC
1st Quill work Stephanie Sorbel, OLC
2nd Quill work Delight Heminger, Sisseton Wahpeton CC (SWCC), Sisseton, SD
3rd Quill work Sandra Pratt, SWCC
1st Textiles Jewanna Plenty Hawk, Little Bighorn College, (LBC) Crow Agency, MT
2nd Textiles Renae Hammer, SKC
3rd Textiles Myra Hagel, SKC
1st Dimensional Work Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, TMCC
2nd Dimensional Work Tanya Maile Parker, Sinte Gleska University (SGU), Mission, SD
3rd Dimensional Work April Little Ghost Kalanze, UTTC
1st Drawing Memory Rose Poni-Cappo, TMCC
2nd Drawing Elayn Shorthair, IAIA
3rd Drawing Tina Phillips, OLC
1st Painting Charlotte King, IAIA
2nd Painting Kara Runs After, UTTC
3rd Painting Nicholas Begay, IAIA
1st Digital Design Laura Wagner, BCC
2nd Digital Design Angel Brady, FBCC
3rd Digital Design Lauren Stewart, UTTC
1st Digital Art Kristina Kalenze, UTTC
2nd Digital Art David Black Cloud, UTTC
3rd Digital Art Karla Blue Dawn, IAIA
1st Photography Lauren Stewart, UTTC
2nd Photography Karla Blue Dawn, IAIA
3rd Photography Delbert Nagel, FBCC
1st Ceramics/Pottery Kristina Kalenze, UTTC
2nd Ceramics/Pottery Charlie Anderson, UTTC
3rd Ceramics/Pottery Tmth Spusmen Wilder, SKC
1st Jewelry Toneh Chuleewah, IAIA
2nd Jewelry Jacqueline Smith, IAIA
3rd Jewelry Taketo Yamashita, IAIA
1st Sculpture Jasper Half Jr., SKC
2nd Sculpture Racquel Little Plume, SKC
3rd Sculpture Victor Becker, SKC
1st Mixed Media/Other Media Luther Pilant III, IAIA
2nd Mixed Media/Other Media Taketo Yamashita, IAIA
3rd Mixed Media/Other Media Tina Curley, UTTC
AIHEC ROYALTY Sponsored by Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Mr. AHIEC Steven Raining Bird, UTTC
Ms. AHIEC Allison Steinmeyer, Comanche Nation College, Lawton, OK
1st Informative Marc Bluestone, FBCC
2nd Informative Amy Juan, Tohono O'Odham CC (TOCC), Sells, AZ
3rd Informative Teresa Choyguha, TOCC
1st Persuasive Nicole Little Whiteman, OLC
2nd Persuasive Jacy Halvorson, OLC
3rd Persuasive Anna Solomon, OLC
1st Oral Interp Serious Dayle Felicia, LBC
2nd Oral Interp Serious Jessica Buettner, College of Menominee Nation (CMN), Keshena, WI
3rd Oral Interp Serious Angel Brady, FBCC
1st Oral Interp Humorous Penelope Seitler, SGU
2nd Oral Interp Humorous Mini Little Whiteman, OLC
3rd Oral Interp Humorous Nicole Little Whiteman, OLC
1st Dramatic Duo Serious Jessica Buettner/Nathaniel Madsen, CMN
1st Duo Interp Humorous Mimi Little Whiteman/Tabor White Buffalo, OLC
2nd Duo Interp Humorous Angel Brady/Shawn Brady, FBCC
3rd Duo Interp Humorous Jacy Halverson/Nicole Little Whiteman, OLC
1st Team Fort Berthold Community College
2nd Team Turtle Mountain Community College
3rd Team Haskell Indian Nations University (HINU)
1st Team Turtle Mountain Community College
2nd Team United Tribes Technical College
3rd Team College of the Menominee Nation
1st Student Allyson Two Bears, SBC: Using Social Behaviors to Determine Dominance in a Species of Polistes Wasps at Palo Verde National Park, Costa Rica
Micheal Daugomah, HINU: Laser Micromachined 316 Stainless Steel Foil Surface Roughness Characterization & Enhancement
2nd Student Marla Striped Face, SBC: Assessment of Rangeland Drought Mitigation Improved by Castor Canadensis Impounded Water
3rd Student Jacob Davis, TMCC: Genetic/Epidemiology at a Tribal College
1st Student Allyson Two Bears, SBC: Characteristics of Western Painted Turtles on Standing Rock Reservation in North & South Dakota
2nd Student Daniel Chase, TMCC: Does Math Tutoring Have an Effect on Student Success at TMCC?
3rd Student Tamara White Hat Grady, FBCC: Characterization of Anti-Microbial of Herbal Plant Achilea Milefolium
1st Student Diana Shippentower, SBC
2nd Student Crystal Albanese, FPCC
3rd Student Ulrike Werner, OLC
1st Navajo Technical College: "Achii Woman's the Council Delegate"
2nd United Tribes Technical College: "Tradition Speaking - it could be late"
3rd Dine College: "Washington DC Office"
1st “Team Onyx,” Richard Dean, FBCC
2nd “Wanagi,” James LaPointe, OLC
3rd “1 More Time,” Derrick Little Light, LBHC
WRITING Sponsored by Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation
1st Poetry “I am Kinnikinnick,” Amanda Irvine-Louie, SKC
2nd Poetry “My Big Sky,” DeAnna Sosa, SBC
3rd Poetry “Trotter’s Trade,” Nate Arbuckle, HINU
1st Personal Narrative/Memoir “My Rez Car,” Andrea Goodwin, Leech Lake Tribal College (LLTC), Cass Lake, MN
2nd Personal Narrative/Memoir “’Venison’ Vyron,” Shane Dixon, Sr., CMN
3rd Personal Narrative/Memoir “Hail to the Grape Soda,” Gerri L. Williams, IAIA
1st Short Story Black Jack and Coal Dust, Ken Taylor, IAIA
2nd Short Story Biscuit Brothers Go Fishing, Larry D. Madden, Jr., HINU
3rd Short Story Hunting on the Reservation, Gerald “Joe” Kirkish, Keweenaw Bay Ojibwa CC (KBOCC), Baraga, MI
1st Team Little Priest Tribal College (LPTC), Winnebago, NE
2nd Team Salish Kootenai College
3rd Team Navajo Technical College
1st Team Wind River Community College
2nd Team United Tribes Technical College
3rd Team Little Big Horn Community College
1st Student Female Jewanna Plenty Hawk, LBC
2nd Student Female JoLynn Leishman, SKC
3rd Student Female Debbi Eli, BCC
1st Student Male Ron Martel, UTTC
2nd Student Male Arron Little Eagle, FPCC
3rd Student Male Orlanda Ike, Northwest Indian College (NIC), Bellingham, WA
1st Staff Female Melissa Crow, LCOO
2nd Staff Female Roxanne Oka, Red Crow Community College, (RCCC), Cardston, Alberta
3rd Staff Female Mary Stack, FDL
1st Staff Male Henry Big Throat, RCCC
2nd Staff Male Tony Brave, OLC
3rd Staff Male Chad Harrison, SBC
1st Student Chris Yazzie, NTC
2nd Student Sky Hicks, CCCC
3rd Student Erik Laughter, Dine College, Tsaile, AZ


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