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Youngsters excel in ‘Math Day’ challenge
25 March 2010

NEW SCHOOL RECORD: Students in Grade 4 of Theodore Jamerson Elementary School on the United Tribes campus rapidly keyed-in the answers to simple math problems March 4 during “World Math Day.” Youngsters in grades K to 8 logged onto an Internet website and correctly solved over 161,000 problems during live games of mental arithmetic with other 5-18 year-old students around the world. Each game lasted for 60 seconds and students moved up in difficulty as they progressed in solving problems. Some students played on computers at home and some went to the computer lab before school started. The TJES students more than tripled their problem solving output of one year ago, proving to instructors that the school’s “Math Counts” program is working. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann

World Math Day
By Marlynn, Grade 4

      On March 3-4 kids from all over the world logged onto the “World Math Day” website (www.worldmathsday.com/2010) and worked to solve as many simple math problems as they could.

World Math Day at TJES

      TJES students joined the activity and answered over 161,000 problems correctly. That more than tripled last year’s output of 51,000 and put TJES well into the six figure category.

      Students in grades K-8 accomplished that outstanding result despite a four hour crash in the World Math Day internet server. But that did not stop them.

      TJES students logged onto something similar called “V Math Live,” an internet site also containing math problems where they competed against other kids around the world for who could answer quickest.

      Congratulations to all the TJES students, and thank you to Math Coach Misty Miller and all of the teachers who helped and encouraged us!

– TJES instructors praised this event for the way it promotes numeracy and helps students make significant improvements in their mental arithmetic skills and have fun in the process.

World Math Day at TJES

Total Correct Answers 161,001
Largest Numbers of Correct Answers:

Hayden Strong Heart 7,622
Daeshaun Strong Heart 7,445
Marlynn Cloud 7,334

National Science Fair
By Kieran, Grade 6

      Three first place State Science Fair winners from TJES flew to Albuquerque, NM on March 11 to enter the National Science fair. Kieran and Dusty presented their project, “Clawster the Programmable Robot.” Rebel presented his project, “Electric Motor.” He was judged six times. The Clawster project was judged nine times.

      Currently we do not know if any received awards.

Success with Pinhole Camera
By Taylahni, Grade 4

      Using just a shoebox, black paper, black tape, and tinfoil and a needle, I made a box camera and it really worked. As soon as I made it, I took photos with it.

      First I got a shoebox and lined the whole inside with black paper so light wouldn’t bounce around inside. Then, I made a hole on the top of the box and covered it with tinfoil and taped it down with black tape. By pushing a sewing needle 1/3 the way through the foil, I poked a hole in the foil. Then I went in a dark bathroom and taped photo paper in the bottom of the box.

      I covered my pinhole and took the camera outside to take a photo.

      The first picture used a five minute exposure; it turned the paper black because there was too much light.

      Picture two was taken with one minute exposure. It worked but it was still too dark.

      The third photo was taken at 30 seconds. It was still a little dark but OK.

      In the picture here, notice that Tayson’s foot is larger than his head. This is because the pinhole camera has a very wide field of view.

Prescription Dangers   
By Marlaysia Grade 6

      TJES teachers, staff, parents and students participated in an information meeting February 18 about the dangers of taking other people’s prescription drugs.

      Deputy Roy Bailey of the Burleigh County Sheriff’s Department presented the talk. He talked about possible side effects like seizures, heart failure, comas, and many more effects including death.

      He said if you have old prescriptions that you no longer use or need you should properly dispose of them. Don’t just through them away in the trash. And he said not to flush them down the toilet.

      He said you should give them to the police departments or crumple them up and sprinkle them in some stinky garbage.

      Deputy Bailey also talked about the parent and children relationships. For instance, your children should not have locks on their doors. Cell phones should be taken at night and computers should be in an area where everyone can see them.

      Parents should know where your kids are at all hours. He talked about how kids who live with their parents have no 4th amendment rights, as the kids are the responsibility of their parents.