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Simple food safety tip
25 March 2010

ONLY A LITTLE NEEDED: If you’re without those commercially made solutions, you can always turn to the universal, all-purpose disinfectant – bleach. Food safety instructor Pat Aune advised that you need only a small amount when preparing a solution for disinfecting utensils used during food preparation. It was part of the March 9 Serv-Safe food safety course at United Tribes. Looking on, from left, three Standing Rock Nutrition for the Elderly cooks: Marsha Netterville, Fort Yates; Kim Bearsheart, Kenel, SD; and Phyllis Standing Bear, Cannon Ball. Others who participated in the training were SRST Nutrition for the Elderly Cooks: Camille Martell, Bear Soldier, and Judy Cadotte, Wakpala, SD; SRST Kiddi College Cook Bernice Goodhouse; SRST Environmental Health Technician Jeannette Cluett, Fort Yates; and UTTC Nutrition and Foodservice Students Josiah Jacobs and Delett Siegfried.

United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann