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Class presentations raise awareness, help develop leaders
By Bobby Crow Feather and Sierra Two Bulls, members of the Leadership Development Class
26 March 2010

BISMARCK (UTN) - A group of United Tribes students made a series of presentations in early March about topics that have affected them personally.

      The presentations were part of an assignment in the class, Leadership Development, with instructor Terry Moericke. They were made to youngsters in grades 7 and 8 at Theodore Jamerson Elementary School.

UTTC student Ursula Kary LaTray makes a presentation about teen awareness of violence against women as her part of a leadership development class presentation. United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann

      Three teams of students, with three students per team, made presentations on March 2, 3 and 5.

      One team titled their presentation: "Healthy Awareness." It included information on such topics as diabetes, lupus, and remaining active in today's world.

      The topics were developed from presentations each member had previously prepared. The subjects were chosen because they affect people throughout Indian country, and because they touched each member in a personal way.

      Matt St. John, who focused on staying active in today's world, recounted the story of his family and how his brother overcame diabetes. Rolynn Clown told how she was diagnosis with lupus and how she is managing her life. Bobby Crow Feather spoke about diabetes and its effects on the body, while also emphasizing the importance of prevention.

      The group of Ursula Kary LaTray, Mikelyn Teeman and Sierra Two Bulls presented "Teen Awareness of Violence, Depression, and Drugs/Alcohol." They pointed out that violence, depression, and drugs and alcohol are the leading causes of deaths for students between ages 12-18. Those topics were selected to bring about awareness of subjects that the group members have personal experience with.

      The other group of students was: Nathan Dunn, Lisa Stump and Glen Fox.

      The objective was for these students to demonstrate leadership within the United Tribes campus community on issues affecting Indian Country today, said Moericke.

      The presentations were a good opportunity for both the college students and those at TJES, who received healthy multi-grain bars and water while they listened and participated in the discussion.

      The Leadership Development class extends it appreciation and thanks to TJES Principal Sam Azure, Instructor Pat Leno, and the TJES students for the opportunity to share with them.