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Fredericks selected to Cowboy Hall
26 March 2010

RIDING DIPLOMACY: One of the many equine accomplishments of the late John “Buzz” Fredericks Jr. not mentioned in the announcement of his selection to the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of fame was riding an Arabian horse near the Sphinx on the edge of the Sahara. That’s him aboard the white mount in 1976 when he traveled to the Middle East with a North Dakota trade mission. He earned the respect of Egyptians he met and later hosted some who came to North Dakota. Fredericks (Three Affiliated) will be honored by the Cowboy Hall along with other inductees at a ceremony June 26 in Medora. Fredericks is the father of Kathy Johnson, UTTC’s Assistant VP of Student and Campus Services. Mounted on the dark horse is rancher Dick Bond, Almont, ND.

Dennis J. Neumann photo for KFYR-TV News