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26 March 2010

TJES Respects Flag: Every school day students at TJES raise our nation’s flag. Once the flag is up, they stand respectfully and say the pledge of allegiance. In this photo, sixth graders Dusty and Cassandra unfold and attach the flag making sure it doesn’t touch the ground. During the raising ceremony, students remove their hats and place their right hand over their hearts and show respect for the flag. “This school is better than my old school because we respect our flag and take it down when the weather is bad,” said Robert, a fourth grade student. At the end of each school day students carefully retire the flag.
– Marlaysia Grade 6






Third Quarter Awards: TJES honored students on Friday, March 26. The school recognized students for perfect attendance, advanced GPA, World Math Day and student achievement during the national Science Fair. The awards were for the third quarter of the academic year. This photo shows 7th and 8th grade students that achieved a GPA above 3.0.
– Zachary Grade 7







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