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AIHEC Winners 2006
28 March 2006

Ms. AIHEC Marla Striped Face Collins and Mr. AIHEC is Elliott Bryant of Haskell

Marla Striped Face Collins
Critical Inquiry:
Second Place - Tracie Packineau, Fawn Packineau, Robbyn Pudwill, Richard White

Second Place - Steve White Mountain
Traditional Hide Painting:
Honorable Mention - Sheena Cain
Hand Games:
Fifth Place - UTTC Students & Staff (Stephanie Trottier woman points winner)
Knowledge Bowl:
Sixth Place - Jeremy Pettigrew, Michaele Lindeman, Alexa Azure

Stephanie Trottier
Stephanie Trottier with award

      During the award ceremony mention was made of Jeremy Pettigrew's outstanding participation during competitions and stated that if there was a Good Sportsmanship Award, UTTC would have had it.

First Generation AIHEC Coca-Cola Scholarship:
Stephanie Trottier
Poster Presentations:
Marla Collins, Ron Campbell and Sheena Cain
Lisa Colombe, Andrew Reed, Mike Collins
UTTC Staff Advisors
Julie Cain, Justin LeBeaux, Michael Schmidt, Martina McKinney and Thomas Disselhorst

Sheena Cain
Sheena Cain with Art work

      All UTTC students were competitive and worked very hard; raising money to go, and they all put in an extraordinary effort! The staff was extremely pleased with UTTC student participation and conduct. The trip was positive and UTTC was highly competitive considering the short time period to prepare. UTTC students were on time and supportive of one another. All students were present at the opening ceremony, "Parade of Flags," along with staff and Dr. Phil Baird. Congratulations!


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