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AIHEC Awards
29 March 2010

United Tribes Technical College

Business Law: Matt St. John, 2nd
Business Management: Matt St. John, 2nd
Computer Applications: David One Horn, 3rd
Computer Art: Emanuel Red Bear III, 1st; Stewart Perkins, 2nd
Graphic Arts: Kaluya Looking Horse, 1st
Pottery: Stacey Grant, 1st; Stewart Perkins, 2nd
Talent Show: UTTC One Act Play, 3rd
Fashion Show: Jenna Skunk Cap, 2nd; Jeri Morsette, 3rd
Mr. AIHEC: David One Horn
Archery: Trent Otter Robe, 5th; UTTC Team, 7th

UTTC AIHEC Team Members: Duane Jackson, Ryan Moran, Cristin Haase, Jeremy McLeod, Chris Montclair, Rolynn Clown, Matt St. John, Trent Otter Robe, Michael Chappell, Glenn Fox, Nate Dunn, David One Horn, Sierra Two Bulls, Bobbi Jo Wise Spirit, Jeri Morsette, Lisa Stump, Jenna Skunk Cap, Stacey Grant, Codi Black Bird, Emanuel Red Bear III.

UTTC AIHEC Staff/Faculty: Red Koch, chief driver; Kathy Johnson, assistant driver and chaperone; Ruth Buffalo and Tamera Marshall, Archery and Volleyball coaches; Julie and Sonia Cain, Hand Games coaches and Mr. & Ms. AIHEC; Mandy Guinn coach for Knowledge Bowl and on-site Business Bowl and co-coordinator; Rebekah Olson Science Bowl, PowerPoint coach and co-coordinator; and Jen Janecek-Hartman Critical Inquiry coach, Speech coach, and co-coordinator.

The crew was super busy representing UTTC in a number of events. We had students participating in the Science Bowl (Ryan, Duane, Cristin, Chris) which made it to the final round. They lost to 3rd place TMCC. The Knowledge Bowl (Sierra, Stacey, Codi, Glen) team made it to the semi-final round. The Critical Inquiry team (Jeremy, Cristin, Lisa, Rolynn, Jeri) did an excellent presentation on the importance of participating in the 2010 Census. Business Bowl competitors (Matt, David, Rolynn, and Jeri) all did their best, with Matt bringing home two 2nd place plaques. The Art crew did a fine job bringing home four awards. UTTC has the privilege of being one of the student ambassadors again this year with David One Horn being Mr. AIHEC. The coaches and chaperones were very pleased with the professional behavior that the student competitors exhibited at the competition! Congrats on a job well done!

 – Jen Janecek Hartman, Ph.D., Director of STEM Education, United Tribes Technical College


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