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Destroyed eagle sculpture under reconstruction
29 March 2010

RISING FROM RUBBLE: Artist and contractor Steven White Mountain (Standing Rock) was nearing completion in April on rebuilding the “Rising Eagle” sculpture. White Mountain, a UTTC graduate who is now a construction contractor, began the repair and reconstruction project last fall with five large pieces and about 1,000 little ones, he said. They were salvaged after the eight-foot tall, stylized Golden Eagle sculpture was destroyed. Local authorities have not solved the July 2009 case. The destruction shocked and saddened the campus community, and Bismarck residents and officials, and touched off a discussion over whether the damage was racially motivated. The sculpture had been created by United Tribes Art-Art Marketing students as part of a multi-year, public art project for the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District. Damage had been inflicted on four other UTTC sculptures, including a racial epithet on one, but “Rising Eagle” was the first to be totally destroyed. White Mountain believes the considerable metal reinforcement he installed will minimize future damage when the parks district returns “Rising Eagle” to Bismarck’s Pioneer Park near the Missouri River.

United Tribes News photo Dennis J. Neumann




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