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Contributors 2010
29 March 2011

BISMARCK (UTN) - United Tribes Technical College's work is supported by private contributions from corporations, foundations and individuals. We extend our deepest thanks to our donors, whose generosity has made possible our accomplishments in 2010. Your gifts are greatly appreciated and the ones who directly benefit are the UTTC students. All contributions supported scholarships for the neediest students, fellowships and scholarships for leadership, capital projects providing technology classrooms, and endowment funding to insure that UTTC can continue to provide higher education into the future.

      Those listed below contributed during calendar year 2010. Occasionally we discover that a name has been omitted or misspelled. If you do not find your name, or find it listed incorrectly, please accept our sincere apologies and let us know so we can correct our records.

      We also extend our heartfelt thanks to the many businesses and individuals who offered their time and provided items supporting our activities.

      Together we are building a better tomorrow.

– Suzan O’Connell, Office of Institutional Advancement/Development Director, 701-255-3285 x 1533, soconnell@uttc.edu

Friends Supporting United Tribes Technical College

Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community


Bernie Eckroth
Best Western Doublewood Inn


Jerry Willer
Kirkwood Bank & Trust Co.


James K. Laducer
Laducer & Associates, Inc.


Mike Hummel
BNI Coal, Ltd.


Cy Fix
Cenex Oil Company


Frank Bavendick


Bradley Ballweber
Northern Improvement Co.


Tom and Frances Leach Foundation


Jeff Neuberger
Mid Dakota Clinic Primecare


Karen Funk
Hobbs, Strauss, Dean & Walker


Van Vlack Family Charitable Trust


Dr. David M. Gipp


Calvin Neumann


Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson, & Perry


Capital Electric Cooperative


Grace Link


Johnson Scholarship Foundation


Jim Polk


Dick Melchior
Border States Electric


Paul Mico
InQ Educational Materials, Inc.


Bradley Ballweber
Northern Improvement


Vaaler Insurance


Thomas Earnshaw


Michael Lipsky


Fort Peck Community College


Myra Pearson


Gandhi Peace Network


Dennis Hulsing


Friends of Kent Conrad


Linda Mindt
Basin Electric Cooperative


Dale Pahlke
Dakota Community Bank


Russell Staiger
Bismarck-Mandan Development Association


Prairie Knights Casino


Father Shea
University of Mary


Peak Energy Resources, Inc.


Lloyd Bushong
Industrial Contractors, Inc.


Alice D. Bullard


Corrine Lee


Linda Sue Warner


Rollin Mehlhoff
Vaahler Insurance


Tom Katus
Tk Associates International


Susan Tierney


Robert and Lonna Gipp


Christopher Anderson


Candeska Cikana
Community College


Gregory and Jacqueline Dockter


Jacqueline Smith


Northrop Grumman, Inc.


America’s Home Loans


Lockheed Martin, Inc


Richard Glaser


Maury Kamins
Western Steel & Plumbing


John Warford


Gerald Peterson
Garske Produce Sales


Innovative Environmental Consultants


Dennis Bense
Scheels Sports Wear


Lon Romsaas
Swenson, Hagen & Co. PC


Erik Sakariassen
Saks News, Inc.


David & Rosalyn Markwed
Markwed Excavating, Inc


Bud Anderson & Staff
Maintenance Dept


Barry Disselhorst


Francis ‘Sam’ Azure


Dr. Phil Baird


Katina DeCoteau


Tom Disselhorst


Patricia Aune


Brad Hawk


Tiffany Hodge


Brenda Jechort


Kathy Johnson


Jefferey McDowell


Glenna Mueller


Karla Nordyke


Evelyn Orth


Suzan O’Connell


David Raymo


Barabra Schmitt


Harriet Skye


Pansy Goodall


Erin Greengrom


Jennifer Janecek-Hartman


Sara Jumping Eagle


Robert Kelly


Ramona Klein


Brent LaRocque


Helen Lindgren


Annette Martel


Twila Martin-Kekahbah


Debbie Painte


Brain Palecek


Joanie Ramey-Neumann


Dennis Renville


Kathryn Froelich


Kim Blanchard


Brain Story


Nathan Stratton


Joetta McLeod


Lara Buffalo Boy


Ruth Buffalo Zarazua


Wanda Swagger


Ella Duran


Ryan Hertel


Jenny Iverson


LeRoi Landreaux


Brenda Red Day


Denise Red Horn


Julie Stock-Porter


Myron Mastrud


Virgil Benoit


Ronald Marvin


Dustin Ketterling


Sharon Rubin


Janet Bararo


Marjorie Palaniuk


Brian DeCoteau


Debra Ketterling


Bruce Benson


Jackie Benson


Arden Boxer


Carol Woiwode


Robert Kelly


UTTC Student Senate


Russell Gillette


Don and Julie Cain


Bull Bennett


Travis Bean


Sharon Clairmont


Scott & Lorraine Davis


Andy Dahl


Diana Medicine Stone


Susan Mitchell
Cozy Creek


Roberta High Elk


Bill Nishimura


Doug Quinn


David Brien


American Bank Center


Caroline Pleets


Prairie Island Tribal Council


Eric Doebbler


Becky McVittie


Maheshu Energy, LLC


Biron and Sheri Baker


Jim Kasper


Betty Anhorn


Shirley Bordeaux


Mitch Laducer


Curt Keplin


Pat Thomas


Ricky Smith


Kathy Aller


Gerald Combs


Navajo Technical College


Charles and Elaine McLaughlin


Harold Molash


George Keepseagle


Tom and Mary Cay Singer


Dave Archambault Jr.


Anita Charging


Mark Anderson


Darcie Blue Earth


Linda Village Center


Tim and Tina Hentel


Jerry and Lisa Azure


Lena Tiokasin


Helen Thunderhawk


Al. Lafromboise


Cornelius and Rose Grant


Germaine and Lacey Murphy