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UTTC joins Faculty Resource Network
First Tribal College to belong
By Harriett Skye, Ph.D., Vice President of Intertribal Programs
4 April 2008

NEW YORK (UTN) United Tribes Technical College has joined the New York University Faculty Resource Network, an award-winning professional development initiative whose mission is "to foster connection, collaboration, and collegiality through a partnership of colleges and universities dedicated to faculty development."

      Dr. David M. Gipp, UTTC President; Shirley A. Bordeaux, Vice-President of Finance; and Harriett Skye, Ph.D. Vice President of Intertribal Programs and Director for the American Indian Multicultural Center, met here February 19-22 with members of the network: Dr. Debra Szybrinski, Executive Director, Office of Faculty Resources; Magda Amaya, Program Operations Manager; Professor Laurin Raiken, Gallatin School of Individualized Study; Dr. Jim Matthews, Associate Dean, Graduate School of Arts and Science; Dr. e. Frances White, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs; Ann Ward, Program Associate; and Ms. Jane Tennen, Director of Development for the City University of New York.

      According to their website, www.nyu.edu/frn/, the network is an organization with 52 college and university members. The primary mission is to serve faculty development needs at institutions where opportunities for research, curricular advancement and faculty development are limited. Most of the member organizations are minority-serving institutions.

      United Tribes is the first Tribal College in the nation to join. The organization has operated for more than two decades.

      FRN programs are offered year round. Offerings include a student exchange program with a number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities and Hispanic-serving institutions, and a visiting scholar program that allows faculty an opportunity to visit NYU to engage in scholarly work.

      Information and application forms are available on the network's website for upcoming conferences and symposia, the scholar-in-residence program, and the summer 2008 liaison officers' meeting set for June 13. For more information about UTTC participation contact Harriett Skye, hskye@uttc.edu.


Summer 2008 Offerings

Application of Mathematics In Finance and Economics
          Conveners: Robert Kohn, Jonathan Goodman, both NYU

Better than Fiction: The Urban Chronicle and the New Latin American Novel
          Convener: Ana Dopico, NYU

Critical and Creative Thinking Across The Media
          Conveners: Robert DiYanni, The College Board; Bill Costanzo, Westchester CC

Designing Effective Online Learning Environments
          Convener: Jan Plass, NYU

Dynamics of Social Diversity in College: New Topics In Teaching for Social Justice
          Convener: Maurianne Adams, U-Mass, Amherst

Entrepreneurship and the Business Curriculum
          Convener: Jeffrey Carr, NYU

Harlem and Its Landmarks: Physical and Institutional History of the Black Metropolis
          Convener: Jeffrey Sammons, NYU

Library Assessment: Measuring and Documenting the Library's Contribution to Academic Success
          Conveners: Steve Hiller, U-Washington; Jim Self, U-Virginia

Teaching Visual Storytelling
          Convener, Rosanne Limoncelli, NYU

The Landscape of American Food in the Twenty-First Century
          Convener, Amy Bentley, NYU

The Quest for Peace in the Ancient World and Beyond
          Convener: Kurt Raaflaub, Brown University

Women's Studies in a Global World: Pedagogies of Transformation
          Conveners: Beverly-Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College; Chancra Maharity, Syracuse University


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